Women Veterans

Women Veterans Interactive

Website: http://womenveteransinteractive.org

Programs: http://womenveteransinteractive.org/programs-for-women-veterans/

Phone: (202) 810.2118  

Email: info@womenveteransinteractive.org

Mission Statement

The mission of WVI is to meet women veterans at their points of need through Advocacy, Empowerment, Interaction, Outreach, and Unification to break down the barriers that lead to homelessness. WVI addresses the unique, and often unrecognized, challenges facing our nation’s 2.3 million women veterans as they return to civilian life. With members nationwide, WVI provides outreach & support services to thousands of women veterans through the three pillars of transition, empowerment, leadership, and diversity. WVI offers tailored programs, training and resources to equip women veterans at all stages of their military transition